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Nordik Institute

Community Development
and Research Institute

Strengthening Northern Ontario Development Through Research and Engagement

NORDIK Institute is an innovative community-based research hub affiliated with Algoma University dedicated to building healthy, resilient communities. Whether you are tackling community revitalization, labour force development, environmental issues,or project evaluation – we want to help you innovate, create, and transform to build your community’s resilience and capacity to achieve social, cultural, economic and environmental justice.

Algoma University Campus Building

The Packsack Project

In partnership with the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre’s Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN), a new podcast, The Packsack Project, explores topics related to the question of ‘what makes a community resilient?’ Discussing challenges and local innovations in Northern Ontario communities, the podcast highlights the strengths, resources, and approaches that we can carry on our journey to a more sustainable, just, and resilient future. 

Four Pillars of Resilience

NORDIK’s approach to community development and research is rooted in the four pillars of resilience, which emphasize the interconnectedness and mutual importance of cultural vitality, social equity, environmental sustainability, and economic diversity for supporting healthy, vibrant and fulfilling places.
Cultural Vitality


Social Vitality


Environmental Sustainability


Economic Growth and Diversity

Economic Diversity & Growth

Whats New

Check out NORDIK’s most recent projects and initiatives:
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Promoting more vibrant, caring and sustainable communities through research, dialogue, analysis and reflection dedicated to the practice of holistic community development.

Upcoming Events

See some of the upcoming engagements that NORDIK is hosting, or look back on past events:

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NORDIK Institute’s SPARK Series

This virtual series is designed to foster awareness between research and community activism that contribute to social, economic, environmental and …

NORDIK Institute’s Annual General Meeting 2021

2020 was a critical year around the globe. As we all contended with and confronted the COVID-19 pandemic, a host …