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Miranda Bouchard is an artist, arts manager and independent curator who brings 14 years’ experience and study in non-profit arts and culture to her work with Thinking Rock Community Arts. Her roots and residence in the Algoma District, Northern Ontario inform her focus on process- and craft-based practices, intergenerational skill-sharing, and projects unfolding in rural settings where such practices are prevalent. She’s apprenticed with Ruth Howard and Jumblies Theater, and has studied art, art history, nonprofit management, and community economic & social development at the White Mountain Academy of the Arts, the University of Guelph, Toronto Metropolitan University and Algoma University.

For more information, or to get your free tickets to this month’s session, click here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/miranda-bouchard-celebrating-10-years-of-thinking-rock-community-arts-tickets-372239848407

The Spark Series aims to break down communication silos and foster awareness between research and community activism that contribute to social, economic, environmental and cultural justice by profiling the work of community actors and researchers in Northern Ontario.