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Sustaining Arts Organizations Through Peer Networking


A peer network to share, generate and mobilize knowledge to strengthen organizational capacity was developed by the Arts Council of Sault Ste. Marie; Conseil des Arts de Hearst; and 4elements Living Arts on Manitoulin Island.  This project was funded by the Ontario Arts Council’s Compass Grant for increasing organizational capacity, and was facilitated by NORDIK Institute.  The project led to a strengthening of the organizations’ management capacity; provided the time and space necessary to initiate an internal dialogue within each organization, as well as a dialogue with community members and mentoring partners; and an improvement in a variety of organizational aspects, strengthening these capacities within the cultural sector.

It was suggested that the peer mentoring process could be used as a model for building sustainability throughout the region as it established critical support through dialogue, share resources and knowledge mobilization in a region that is challenged by geographical distances and contextual differences to southern Ontario.

Project Team: 

Jude Ortiz, Meghan Ableson, Dr. Gayle Broad