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Valuing Northern Libraries Toolkit


The toolkit provides a new and innovative way for libraries to measure their impact in their communities, creating a tool for library advocacy. It takes an innovative approach to a Return on Investment model as it allows small, rural, Northern and First Nation libraries, who may otherwise have been unable to afford consultant fees, to complete ROI studies independently. This project affirms that libraries are a valuable contributor to the culture, wellness and economy of every community across the North.

Developed in partnership with Ontario Library Services North (OLSN) and five pilot public libraries across Northern Ontario, the two-year project, commenced in 2016 and used a participatory approach to identifying indicators of community impact. Toolkit is available from the OLSN website: www.olsn.ca

Innovate Project of the Year, 2018, SSMARt Awards, Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre

Project Team:

Jude Ortiz, Gayle Broad, Derek Rice, Sean Meades