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ASOPRICOR: Recovery of the Collective Memory and Projection into the Future


ASOPRICOR is the Association for the Holistic Development of Rural and Urban Communities, a community organization that represents many rural organizations, co-operatives and  communities in rural Cundinimarca, Colombia. This project studied the sustainable development initiatives in rural Columbia, including agriculture, social enterprise and women’s organizations. Researchers from Algoma University collaborated with the Columbian association ASOPRICOR to exchange knowledge and experiences of rural communities, cooperatives and organizations between North and South. The research stemmed from a knowledge exchange between ASOPRICOR and the CESD program at then Algoma University College, The goal of which was to share information and knowledge with the hope that it will be a source of inspiration, reflection and questions about the daily work of community development in both the global South and North.


2005 – 2010


Jose Agustin Reyes, Maria Eva Bergaño, Dr. Gayle Broad