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Métis Nation Ontario Asset Mapping


The Metis Nation of Ontario’s Education and Training department delivers numerous services to the Metis population residing in Ontario.  This department is also responsible to deliver services and programs that aid Metis citizens in the area of employment, education and training opportunities including financial resources, skill development and programming. 

NORDIK Institute delivered and developed an Asset Map report that displayed the education and skill levels of the Métis citizen workforce in Ontario for the Métis Nation of Ontario’s Education and Training department, which is responsible for delivering employment, education and training opportunities for Métis citizens.  While Metis people attempting to access the labour market are faced with numerous barriers and challenges, they possess significant assets. The report highlighted assets such as a strong sense of culture and identity of Metis people themselves, who bring together a unique set of skills, connection to the land, traditional knowledge and a vital culture that Métis people bring with them as they enter the workplace, whether as wage-earners, or as self-employed entrepreneurs. These assets can be enhanced and/or extended to build a stronger foundation for an even stronger and more diverse robust labour force participation for among Metis Métis people.

Project Team: 

Dr. Gayle Broad, Lauren Doxtater, Connie Manitowabi




Asset Mapping Report – Labour Market Skills, Education and Employment Experience