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Extraterritorial Presence of the Truth Commission for the development of its mandate with victims abroad and in exile conditions in Canada.

The Truth Commission aims to investigate and explain the armed conflict in Colombia, emphasize its least known aspects, and achieve non-repetition of violence. Promoting the recognition of individual and collective victimes, and the acknowledgment of responsibility, in support of non-repetition. As well as the promotion of reconciliation and coexistence across the countries territories based on the dignity and rights of the victims. Supporting the Colombian Truth Commission contributes to the reconciliation and coexistence of exile victims in Canada as well who have been struggling due to political differences. This will simultaneously contribute to future Truth Commissions or similar interventions through the identification of best practices. The project aligns with the priorities of the Canadian government as it is a fundamental part of the work of the Commission, as part of the Integral System for Justice, Truth, Reparation and Non-Repetition. Canada is an important ally for Colombia in this regard, not only throughout the peace process, but also as a recipient country of a great number of victims that fled the armed conflict.

Goals and Objectives

Our Project will be promoting spaces for dialogue that allow the different voices of Colombians living in exile in Canada to be heard and contribute to dynamization of processes of coexistence and reconciliation. The implementation of a public visibility strategy in Canada that allows the public to know the Commission’s work, as well as to understand the diffuse information on the situation of the Colombian victims who had to leave the country due to armed conflict. As well as supporting the systematization process in order to construct the legacy that the Commission will leave not only to the country, but also to other Commissions about the process that was followed in order to produce the final report and the contributions to coexist and non-repetition.

These will contribute to achieving the ultimate outcome of The Colombian Truth Commission achieving its mission to identify the patterns and causes of the internal armed conflict that satisfy the rights of victims, including Indigenous and Afro-descendant people, women and girls (particularly those in exile in Canada), the needs of Colombian society to access the truth, to understand what occurred during the armed conflict with the FARC, including its impact on women and girls, and to promote coexistence and the non-repetition of violence through open, broad and inclusive processes of participation in the construction of a stable and lasting peace.